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Issue 42: Links to amazing stuff.

Babies See What You Can’t

We can imagine what it’s like to see the world as a newborn: literally everything is new. Overwhelming, right? So when we get a little bit older (even five months), we develop ways to deal with this information overload. But it’s not just that we learn to “tune out” details that aren’t important—some image differences actually become invisible to us as we age. Scientists call this ...

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Issue 42 / February 18, 2016
  1. Editor's Note from February 18, 2016

    Issue 42: A surprise DNA test, an unexpected power plant, and a breakthrough chirp. /

  2. Around the World in 46 Chromosomes

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  3. Why Solar Power Might Get a Lot More Green

    It turns out that Popeye was right all along. /

  4. Music of the Spheres

    When scientists detected gravitational waves, “astronomy grew ears.” /

  5. Little Blessing for My Floater

    “This tiny ruin in my eye” /

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