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Issue 45: Links to amazing stuff.

Valley of Life

In a place marked by salt flats, sand dunes, and temperatures so blisteringly hot the whole landscape shimmers, the hills are suddenly alive. Death Valley, California, normally gets just 2 inches of rain each year. It’s the lowest, driest, and hottest place in North America. But heavy rains last fall set up the perfect conditions for a rare “superbloom” of more than 20 species of wildflowers—a phenomenon that ...

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Issue 45 / March 31, 2016
  1. Editor's Note from March 31, 2016

    Issue 45: The fun in naming, how pyrite changed the world, and why it’s fine that piratebush didn’t change much of anything. /

  2. Our First Mission Isn’t Finished

    There’s plenty left to name in the sometimes silly, always vast field of taxonomy. /

  3. The Surprising Riches of Fool’s Gold

    Pyrite, the stone rejected as an imposter, is the cornerstone of the modern world. /

  4. Let Us Now Praise Obscure, Useless Plants

    God and I delight in piratebush like he delights in me. /

  5. Fetal Heartbeat

    “like the wings of millions of monarchs returned” /

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