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Issue 48: Links to amazing stuff.

Sailing the Stars

Scientists behind the Breakthrough Starshot Initiative (including physicist Stephen Hawking) now think “interstellar travel is a realistic and achievable aspiration, and not just the playground of science fiction,” Monica Grady writes for The Conversation. And they’re planning to make it happen via technology that already exists and works: solar sails. This kind of sailing would involve using sunlight to propel ...

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Issue 48 / May 12, 2016
  1. Editor's Note from May 12, 2016

    Issue 48: A spiraling world of numbers, a revealing stone, and our distinct differences. /

  2. How Plants Count

    The language of the universe starts “1, 1, 2.” /

  3. Two Towns’ Eureka Moments

    How a fishing village and an old lumber station are revealing mysteries about the galaxy and ancient Jewish worship. /

  4. A Peculiar People

    We’re made different from each other to be different together. /

  5. The Bat

    “The bat is dun, with wrinkled wings” /

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