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Editor's Note from June 23, 2016

Issue 51: Our Special 3D Issue. /

The Behemoth always wants to help you go deeper in your view of the world. This issue, we’re taking that a bit more literally.

I’ve been wanting to do a 3D issue of The Behemoth since we launched this magazine. Working on my article on blindness for our second issue got me thinking a lot about God’s gift of sight, and it (along with its related theme of light) is one we’ve come back to many times over the last two years.

Meanwhile, 3D photos have been a recurring metaphor as I’ve talked to staff and readers about “wow” moments. You first see a vaguely blurry red and blue image. Then you put on special glasses and see it transform into an unexpectedly dramatic, deep scene. That’s a key goal of The Behemoth: to take the everyday bits of the world that go by us in a blur, behold them for a moment, and find deep meaning in them.

The third reason I’ve wanted to publish a 3D issue is that I’ve been looking for a way to get something tactile in our hands. (I like running The Behemoth as a digital magazine, but I do miss paper and ink.) Sending out a bunch of 3D glasses just seemed like a fun thing to do. If you’re a subscriber to both The Behemoth and to our parent magazine, Christianity Today, you should be getting your glasses with CT’s July/August issue in the coming days. (If you’re not a CT subscriber, you should sign up! You won’t get glasses, but you’ll get great journalism.)

If you don’t have anaglyph glasses, you won’t need them for the article text. (If you’re a Behemoth subscriber in the US but not a CT subscriber, email me and we can send you a pair while supplies last.) I think you’ll still find this an issue ...

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Issue 51 / June 23, 2016
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