Christ as a Gardner

“I never noticed it until they died.” /

The boxwoods planted in the park spelled LIVE. I never noticed it until they died. Before, the entwined green had smudged the word unreadable. And when they take their own advice again—come spring, come Easter—no one will know a word is buried in the leaves. I love the way that Mary thought her resurrected Lord a gardener. It wasn’t just the broad-brimmed hat and muddy robe that fooled her: He was that changed. He looks ...

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Issue 55 / August 18, 2016
  1. Editor's Note from August 18, 2016

    Issue 55: Seeking silences, Yellowstone's extreme life, and the ironies of wildfire. /

  2. Traveling into Silence

    A journey into two of the quietest places on earth. /

  3. Life in the Cauldron

    Meet the hearty tenants of Yellowstone’s deadly hot springs. /

  4. Wildfire’s Dangerous Renewal

    Awe and lessons from Peshtigo, Yellowstone, and Fort McMurray. /

  5. Wonder on the Web

    Issue 55: Links to amazing stuff.

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