Wonders Never Cease

Issue 56 and beyond: Where we'll keep finding amazing stuff.

Rather than our usual fare in this column, we decided for this final installment to share where we’re likely to seek out “wonder on the web” in the weeks and months to come. (One place we hope to encounter and share specific items is in our Facebook group, which we’re keeping open for now.)

Going coastal

Perhaps it’s because I grew up in the smack dab center of North America, far from any coastline. Perhaps it’s because I now live near the wide expanse of the world’s largest ocean. (It’s probably both.) Hakai magazine is one of my favorite latest finds. It captivates my curiosity, always teaching me something new. It engages my sense of morality by asking not only how we can conserve these marine wonders but also how we can care for coastal communities living within these ecosystems. It makes me think, but it also makes me behold. — Rebecca Randall, science editor

Running wild

Runner’s World’s Rave Run continually provides a sense of wonder. The site showcases some of the most breathtaking trails and runs throughout the world. — Leanne Snavely, marketing manager

CNN’s joyful younger sibling

Great Big Story is a treasure trove of short, thoughtfully crafted videos about every sort of awe-inducing thing/person you can imagine. If you like The Behemoth and you haven't heard of this site... well, say goodbye to the rest of your day. Like Behemoth, GBS fills me with hope, excitement, and curiosity by showing how amazing this world is, and how people everywhere forever have been exploring it and somehow making it even more beautiful and surprising. — Sarah Cameron, assistant editor and marketer

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