“The Best in Sacred Westerns!” Do you, dear editor, know what they are? Do you know a good sacred western from a bad sacred western? Ah—you thought it was the sacred east and the secular west! What an egghead! Get with it, man (i.e. become relevant, communicate)! Turn off your Hi-Fi, put down the Journal of Philosophy and drag down to your local Christian Book Store. See what gives. Spin a few platters plugged by the Gospel disk jockey. Hear that lonesome moan? That is real gone gospel croonin’. Gone west. Look at the full color close-up on the album. Lean type, isn’t he? Plays lead parts in the best sacred westerns.

Of course not all these disks are westerns. Here’s a hill-billy type. This one is more sophisticated. A gal with a mean break in her voice. There’s not much real rock-n-roll yet. The Presley influence may still be months away. The Christian market is very conservative, you know.

Did you look over these sacred novelties at the next table? You must have some Bible text pencils. Have you seen these cross pendant ear-rings? This new lip-stick case has a glow-in-the-dark motto on it. Why don’t you take home one of these Bible Bingo games? They’re reduced for clearance.

… Well, you didn’t have to make that scene! Especially about the books. After all, they still stock some. What did you expect—a counter display for a new book on ethics? You might think the manager’s at fault! He learned at a trade convention his business would fail unless one sells people what they want, not what you think they ought to have.

Now calm yourself, and let’s have an editorial soon—“Is the Christian Western Worth Saving?”



Some local churches may not require belief on the part of members in the virgin ...

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