Day of Resurrection! “This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” Easter is God’s day, the day of his making. By raising Christ from the dead, God himself made this day of new freedom, new hope, and endless life.

Good Friday was the world’s dark night of sin, the “hour of the power of darkness.” It was the day that we made: Judas betrayed him, Pilate judged him, Peter denied him, his disciples forsook him, the Jews asked for his destruction and the Gentiles complied while men mocked or kept guilty silence. On Friday we had our day; in our freedom and time of opportunity we crucified him. It was the day of our folly, of our sin, the day to which we all contributed.

But God’s day followed ours, and hard upon it, as light follows the darkness. Without our help, God created this day of Easter. To it we made no contribution; such help as those who loved him would tender to him was for a proper embalming. Without our help, Christ arose. For us the day of Resurrection is something to accept as a gift; nothing else is required, except that we rejoice and be glad in it.

The day itself, without a sound of any human voice, is God’s public, cosmic announcement to all the universe that death has been defeated, that he who had the power of death has been destroyed. The Resurrection sounds through all the long reaches of space and history that life and death are not of equal power, and least of all that death is stronger and the last word about human existence. In making this day, God bears witness to Jesus Christ, declaring that he is the resurrection and the life, and that the final disposition of all things, including death, is determined by him. What chance has death, if it cannot hold its prey?

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