You say you feel that a great spiritual loss has occurred? All your prayers, witnessing, and concern for the family next door seem futile now, because they have just been baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints? Now that they have embraced strange doctrines and new revelation, you don’t even have the freedom to discuss spiritual things with them that you once had, you say? I can sympathize with you! It is a tragedy indeed.

But you say this is all the work of Satan—blinding minds, leading people into error? Do I hear you asking, “How can people be so misled? How could they ever accept such teaching?” At this point I can only partly agree with you, for I think we cannot blame it all on the devil.

In recent years the Mormon church has been recording fantastic gains. Since 1967 nearly a million people have been added, giving the church over 3.2 million followers. No other cult confronts the true Church with a more serious challenge.

If we look into the reasons for the growth of the Mormon church, I am convinced that we will be shocked with a tremendous reality: the Mormon church is growing today because people see in it the very points of appeal that the Word of God says a church should have!

Let me clarify this. First, I do not mean to suggest that most people know the biblical teaching on what the qualities of a church should be. They simply become convinced that the church can help them as individuals and as families. Second, I do not mean that Mormons are biblical in their practice of these qualities. Their whole understanding of revealed truth is a concept Christians must reject. Furthermore, their motivation in building these qualities into their church life is an attempt to “establish their own righteousness,” ...

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