Repeated allegations of adultery have been made against the general secretary of the All Africa Conference of Churches (see News, March 24, page 46). They recall similar charges of homosexual activity made against the leader of Christian Crusade, a Tulsa-based movement that is one of the world’s most prominent anti-Communist organizations (see March 26, 1976, issue, page 38). In both cases those accused declined to admit their guilt, despite considerable indications that the charges had a substantial basis in fact. Instead they chose to counterattack by saying that their enemies had concocted or exaggerated the tales, not because their sense of sexual morality was offended, but because they opposed the social and political stances of the respective leaders.

One of the men is black, the other white. One is a strong backer of “liberation theology” and would probably not object to being labeled as a political leftist. The other is about as far right politically as any American public figure. Neither of them seems to understand that there are many Christians who think that, whatever a man’s social and political views, he is accountable for obeying the standards of sexual conduct that are clearly revealed in God’s Word. If they disagree with these standards in theory or in practice they should feel free to say so. After all, whole denominations are giving consideration to repudiating the biblical teaching against homosexual practices.

Of course, as a consequence of speaking honestly they should not be surprised if support is withdrawn by those who think that spokesmen for social and political righteousness should be examples of personal uprightness as well. It is true that ideas need to be evaluated ...

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