Eutychus and His Kin: November 22, 1985

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The Confronter’S Bible

Take heart, timid Christian. The next time you’re persuaded to confront a backslider but don’t know where to begin, help is available. Thanks to the new Confronter’s Bible you need no longer hem and haw with cryptic references, subtle hints, or suggestive innuendoes about the error of his ways.

Like the Eschatology Bible, with all the rapture verses shaded in premillennial purple, and the Social Justice Bible, with all references that produce guilt accented in oppressive orange, the Confronter’s Bible contains a color-coordinated system highlighting verses on relevant themes: rebuking (passion pink), sins to be avoided (stop-sign red), straying from the straight and narrow (off-white).

An index assists the confronter in deciding the best way to approach the erring brother or sister. Should you confront via telephone? Only if the offender is over six feet. Should you meet in a restaurant? Only if it has three stars.

In the event the rebukee does not respond to your “speaking the truth in love,” try any of these suggested alternatives: pull his hair (Neh. 13:25), set his fields on fire (Judg. 15:5), call out the she-bears (2 Kings 2:24).

What more can be said about the Confronter’s Bible, except: Backsliders beware!


South Africa’S Standards

If the racism of the South African government is so heinous, why has it produced blacks who are better fed, better clothed, and better educated than their counterparts elsewhere in Africa? [“The Rationalization of Racism,” Oct. 4]. Any analysis of the problems should not ignore the fact that most of the rest of Africa is increasingly a wasteland of starvation, corruption, and the denial of fundamental freedoms.


Pickering, Ont., Canada

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