Christians Should Require Premarital Sex Says Theologian

Plus: The Salvation Army loosens up on marriage, more violence in India, and other stories from mainstream media sources around the world.

"Sex before marriage should be compulsory"

That's what Christina Landman, professor of theology at the University of South Africa's Research Institute for Theology and Religion, said at a conference titled Critical Issues on being a Christian. The Reverend Dirkie van der Spuy of the Moreleta Park NG Congregation in Pretoria disagreed, saying the Bible is clear that sex is intended for marriage. Management consultant and theolgian Dr. Bertie du Plessis said he didn't want to comment on the issue mainly because marriage is oh-so-different today than it was in biblical times. It's not the first time Landman has made a ridiculous argument about sexual ethics—in January 1999 she wrote a newspaper article praising polygamy. "I think it is all right to split your identities among different partners," she later told another paper. "The way things are now, if I find out my husband has a girlfriend, it cancels everything he and I have shared. It need not be like that. Polygamy may be a good option because it's transparent. It means you have a transparent insight into the sexual habits of your partner."

Churches encouraged to try converting the dead through seances

Speaking of really, really bad ideas, Anglican priest David Christie-Murray is encouraging churches to hold "Christian séances" and to develop parishioners' "psychic skills" in an effort to evangelize unsaved dead. He'll be presenting his, um, unique evangelism plan at a "Christian Parapsychology" conference sponsored by The Churches' Fellowship for Psychical and Spiritual Studies (CFPSS) at Christ Church in Canterbury. By the way, CFPSS president Michael Perry doesn't think séances are such a good idea, either.

Prison inmates possessed after creating Ouija board

OK. One more ...

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Christians Should Require Premarital Sex Says Theologian
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