NCC's Edgar seems to back away from "Christian Declaration on Marriage"
In yesterday's ChristianityToday Weblog, we noted that it was a big deal that Bob Edgar, general secretary of the National Council of Churches, had endorsed "A Christian Declaration on Marriage" with leaders of the National Association of Evangelicals, Southern Baptist Convention, and National Conference of Catholic Bishops. Now that the media has noted that the declaration seems to speak against gay marriage by calling for "a stronger commitment to this holy union," and for "practical ministries and influence for reversing the course of our culture" while defining marriage as "a holy union of one man and one woman." Wait a minute, says Edgar. I don't see that in the document. He released a statement yesterday asking people to read only the letter of the declaration, and not the spirit. "I would not want this statement to be misconstrued as if it were an oblique comment on same-sex unions," he said. "There is disagreement between and among our member communions on many issues related to sexuality and marriage. Currently, several of our member communions are in discussion and discernment regarding same-sex unions. Nonetheless, there is unanimity among us in our long-standing advocacy for full Civil Rights for gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgendered persons. Through our dialogues, we have come to celebrate the gifts and the challenges they present to us. We stand with them in our common battle against hatred and violence and the pain of exclusion. In our dangerously fragmented society, I regret and will resist any attempt to interpret support for one beleaguered segment of society as an attack another."

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