October (Web-only) 2000

Pay It Forward
Pay It ForwardSubscriber Access Only
'Pay It Forward' does not invoke Jesus' teaching, but the spirit of selflessness is unmistakable.
Eyes of Tammy Faye, The
The Eyes of Tammy FayeSubscriber Access Only
"She has unintentionally become an ambassador of God's grace to a community that has received too few envoys from evangelicalism."
Slivers of Enlightenment
Slivers of EnlightenmentSubscriber Access Only
Seven years after its publication, Roaring Lambs—now with a companion CD—still prods Christian artists to engage the culture.
Singing Briner's Praises
Singing Briner's PraisesSubscriber Access Only
A review of the Roaring Lambs CD.
RU-486 Uncovers a Lie—And It's Not Just About AbortionSubscriber Access Only
Think the abortion pill is indicative of postmodernity? You're wrong.
Pat Robertson Unmotivated WarriorSubscriber Access Only
Plus: The Pope on Dominus Iesus, Wheaton's new mascot, and other stories from media sources around the world.
RU-486 Uncovers a Lie—And It's Not Just About AbortionSubscriber Access Only
Think the abortion pill is indicative of postmodernity? You're wrong.
Southern Baptist Leaders Lament Funding CutsSubscriber Access Only
Texas board's action to reduce funding called 'bad for common missions causes'
Judge Evicts Congregation from Church Okays Use of ForceSubscriber Access Only
Plus: World on Gwen Shamblin, literally robbing Peter to pay Paul, and other stories from media sources around the world.
No Appeal of U.K. Ruling to Separate Conjoined TwinsSubscriber Access Only
Twins' parents say they are weary of battling government for right to decide their daughters' treatment.
U.S. Religious Freedom Commission CriticizedSubscriber Access Only
Indian churches reject U.S. inquiry, but Pakistani Christians welcome it.
No Clash of the Titans With Christian CriticsSubscriber Access Only
What film reviewers around the Web are saying about Remember the Titans, The Exorcist rerelease, and other cinema options. Plus: Complaints from believers in Hollywood.
Christian Bookstores and Video Games and Web sites Oh My!Subscriber Access Only
Plus: Protesting a sex fair, and other stories from media sources around the Web.
Is Halloween a Witches' Brew?Subscriber Access Only
Or have Christians been spooked out of celebrating a part of their rich tradition?
Anti-hunger Ministry Founder ResignsSubscriber Access Only
Food for the Poor's Mahfood steps down; admits 'unacceptable' behavior.
Wiccan Opens Dallas City Council Meeting in PrayerSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Oberaammergau's other artistic attraction, and more Christian video games.
Conservative Anglicans Defy Episcopal ChurchSubscriber Access Only
Anglican bishops from abroad launch U.S. ministry for Episcopal reform.
GOP Ticket Seems to Give Thumbs Up to Gay UnionsSubscriber Access Only
Plus: HolyBears admits copying Beanie Babies, Alabama church is Episcopal no more, and other stories from press around the Web.
Ex-Gay Leader Disciplined for Gay Bar VisitSubscriber Access Only
Exodus removes John Paulk as board chairman, places him on probationary status as member.
General Revelations
General RevelationsSubscriber Access Only
Reconsidering Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant.
Nun Admits Cruel Treatment of ChildrenSubscriber Access Only
One of Mother Teresa's order burned children who were accused of stealing.
Catholics Apologize to Portugal's JewsSubscriber Access Only
Peace Conference in Lisbon ends with an apology, and a document denouncing 'religious' wars.
The Light Still ShinesSubscriber Access Only
A Harvard-sponsored conference looks at the future of religious colleges.
Religious Conservatives Warn Bush and Cheney to 'Correct Course' on Abortion Gay Rights and Other IssuesSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Hell House VII, Paula Jones attacks far right without any clothes on, and other stories from around the Web.
Study of Indian Clergy Exposes Inequalities in Church LeadershipSubscriber Access Only
Many low-caste and rural Indians are Christians, but few have positions of influence within the church.
Teens Too Busy for Church Says SurveySubscriber Access Only
Plus: More handwringing over Cheney's debate comments, a church laments the end of bowling, and other stories from mainstream media in the U.S. and overseas.
New Yugoslavia Needs PrayerSubscriber Access Only
Conference of European Churches head calls for support of the country's new leadership.
17 Men Charged in Murder of India MissionarySubscriber Access Only
Adolescent to serve 14 years for murder of Graham Staines and his sons.
Honoring the ParentsSubscriber Access Only
What Christian film critics are saying about Meet the Parents, Digimon, Girlfight, Best of Show, and other new movies.
The Nicest Battle Over Religion in SchoolsSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Colson gets to vote, Dr. Laura apologizes, and other stories from other media sources.
Laotian Christians Thrive Under PersecutionSubscriber Access Only
Communist drive to stamp out Christianity in Laos is having an opposite effect.
Federal Court Says Schools Can Take Religious Words Out of Graduation CeremonySubscriber Access Only
Plus: EEOC says teachers' union violates members' religious rights, Marian window gets cleaned, and when youth outreach goes bad.
Sudan Loses Election for U.N. Security Council SeatSubscriber Access Only
Sanctions continue to plague the African nation's bid for international acceptance.
A Chinese Model for India's Churches?Subscriber Access Only
No thank you, say Indian Christians to Hindu proposal for government church regulation.
Mike Trout Quits Focus on the FamilySubscriber Access Only
James Dobson's co-host of 15 years cites personal reasons for abrupt departure.
Shamblin Faces Religious Discrimination SuitSubscriber Access Only
Former employee files charges against Weigh Down founder.
American Family Association Changes Sides on Religion in SchoolsSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Jars of Clay's hymns no longer on MTV, the Clinton marriage, and other stories from the mainstream media.
The Politicians' PatronSubscriber Access Only
Is Thomas More a saintly model?
Crying About WolfeSubscriber Access Only
Is there a scandal of The Opening of the Evangelical Mind?
They Won't Let Us Have MTV But We've Got Pornography on the DirectorySubscriber Access Only
Plus: The worldwide battle for the Anglican soul.
Fighting Engulfs a Christian Hospital in JerusalemSubscriber Access Only
Lutherans call conflict on their hospital grounds an affront to humanitarian purposes.
All Jesus All DubiousSubscriber Access Only
Cloning Christ, doubting his diet, and stealing his supposed cross. What's next?
Whether Profaith or Anti This Week's Movies Aren't Worth SeeingSubscriber Access Only
What Christian critics are saying about Lost Souls, The Ladies Man, The Contender, and other cinematic options.
Mike Trout Says Emotional Affair Forced His Resignation from Focus on the FamilySubscriber Access Only
Plus: Charles Swindoll has heart attack and other news stories from around the world.
Congress Will Approve Jubilee 2000 Debt PlanSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Anti-Christian violence in India, more mascot changes, and other news from around the world.
Legal Costs Shut Down Canadian DioceseSubscriber Access Only
Abuse claims cause the Anglican Diocese of Cariboo to disband.
Pyramid Scheme of BenevolenceSubscriber Access Only
Pay It Forwardpreaches an inspirational idea—but does it really work?
Plug Pulled on IBelieve.comSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Jimmy Carter leaves Southern Baptist Convention, and Intellectual McCarthyism at Baylor University.
Ebola Outbreak Leads to Suspension of Church ServicesSubscriber Access Only
Panic and terror spread like virus as infections and deaths increase.
Gorbachev and GodSubscriber Access Only
In visit to the Crystal Cathedral, former Soviet leader won't say he doesn't believe.
Gorbachev and GodSubscriber Access Only
In visit to the Crystal Cathedral, former Soviet leader won't say he doesn't believe.
Case of the Missing RelicSubscriber Access Only
A piece of Jesus' cross is stolen from a Toronto cathedral—or is it?
Unintelligent DesignsSubscriber Access Only
Baylor's dismissal of Polyani Center director Dembski was not a smart move.
Tufts University in Uproar Over Probation Decision for Christian GroupSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Anti-porn moves might lead to more porn, and other religion stories from mainstream media sources.
Mega Corps Make Mega Bucks with PornSubscriber Access Only
Plus: U.S. News rightly divines revivals, and various and sundry decisions from the Supreme Court.
Princess of DarknessSubscriber Access Only
Christian film critics are both boosted and bedeviled by Bedazzled, Bamboozled, and other movies.
A Challenge to Faith-based PlansSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Baptists form a new group, Church of the Christian Rock Video, and the Christian Coalition rises again?
Debate Continues on Incorporating Animal Sacrifices in WorshipSubscriber Access Only
Some Christians warn that African rituals to honor ancestors could subvert the Gospel message.
Republicans Willing to Okay Overseas AbortionsSubscriber Access Only
Cedric Pulford
Christians Arrested After Tajik Church Bombing FreedSubscriber Access Only
Three Islamic students have been detained over bombing of church in Dushanbe.
Attending Church by Personal PCSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Teens think they know it all, 'cheap' religion, and Wall Street takes stock of a Christian company.
On the Record: Gary EzzoSubscriber Access Only
The controversial creator of Babywise speaks to Christianity Today.
Soul Crisis at the Conference on Faith and HistorySubscriber Access Only
Academics gather asking questions like, What does 'Christian history' actually mean?
Three Books and a WeddingSubscriber Access Only
Remembering the Good News.
Howling Over HalloweenSubscriber Access Only
Plus: She's not ordained so it wasn't preaching, Chinese concubines increase, and Ebola claims more victims.
'Focused Determined Deliberate' DestructionSubscriber Access Only
Ecumenical leader calls on Nigeria to deal with religious violence between Muslims and Christians.
Texas Baptists Redirect $5 Million from the SBCSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Homosexual organizations disapprove of Case's donations, and Tom Mahon on a digital Sabbath.
Serbia to Return Confiscated Lands to Orthodox ChurchSubscriber Access Only
Interim religion minister says she'll promote freedoms for Muslims and evangelicals too.
A Silent Celebration of PrayerSubscriber Access Only
Judge upholds a minute of silence in school, Bill Bright's lung condition, and video sales to ensure the movie won't get Left Behind at the box office.
Tom Cruise Can't Hold a Candle to Cary GrantSubscriber Access Only
Reviewer Sarah Barnett loves classic films, and has learned to appreciate modern cinema, too.

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Called to Missions. Held Back by Student Loans.
Called to Missions. Held Back by Student Loans.
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