Pat Robertson criticizes Bush one day after candidate addresses Christian Coalition via videotape

"[George W. Bush] has blown a major lead, and the campaign has lost focus in these last several weeks," Robertson said on CBS's Face the Nation. "And people keep saying, 'Will he please get back on message?'" He also criticized Bush for taking conservatives for granted and warned, "It's a dangerous strategy just to ignore your base, especially to play like something you're not." To illustrate, Robertson noted that conservatives are "not energized" in their support of Bush because the Republican candidate hasn't "come out swinging like a fighter." Robertson's appearance on the Sunday talk show came one day after Bush addressed a "Road to Victory" rally of Robertson's Christian Coalition. But even at that rally, Bush was criticized—just not by name. "We have one candidate who changes his personality ever now and then and then we have another candidate who has distanced himself from his supporters and pals around with John McCain," Dede Robertson, Pat Robertson's wife, said shortly before Bush's tape. "Some coalition members jeered when Bush's speech was announced," reports The Los Angeles Times. "But the heckling quickly subsided as he began his videotaped remarks." The New York Daily News notes that Bush "carefully avoid[ed] strong language on hot-button social issues" in his three-minute address. Shortly before the Road to Victory conference, Robertson said he wouldn't be talking about the FDA's approval of RU-486. "I think it's a trap for Bush, and I think he ought to stay out of it, and I will too," Robertson told the Los Angeles Times (he made similar statements to Newsweek). "Right now, to play this campaign on ...

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