"We've been kind of seduced by the myth of modernity, that things are getting better. … But the World Trade Center plops this whole notion of evil back in our laps."
Randall Balmer
Columbia University
religion historian
"I don't want to see the paramedics of the nation—the church —stuck in the library studying what the accident means while the victims are traumatized on the side of the road."

T.D. Jakes
senior pastor,
The Potter's House

"What these Muslims like about Christianity is that it is a religion that heals."

Gary Lane
news director of Voice of the Martyrs, noting that Christianity is spreading quickly in rural Afghanistan

"If prayer works for people, great, do it, but don't exclude us . …We're as patriotic as anyone."

Helen Lea
of the East Bay Secular Humanists on not being invited to San Francisco's interfaith memorial service for attack victims

"A hurtful, divisive message."

describing a "God Bless America" sign at an elementary school in Rocklin, California

Sources: The New York Times, The Dallas Morning News, UPI, Time, San Francisco Chronicle, The Sacramento Bee

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