Moviegoers are sure getting a lot of God lately. He's been summoned for help in The Count of Monte Cristo and The Rookie. He prods consciences in Changing Lanes, inspires a missionary in The Other Side of Heaven, and drives a man into a murderous rage in Frailty. Some moviegoers must be puzzling over all of these contradictory portrayals. Which version of the Almighty is most accurate? (This could be an exciting time for Christian moviegoers to discuss which of these stories ring true.)

Hot From the Oven

The preview for Changing Lanes promised an intense drama about how a fender-bender escalates beyond road rage into revenge vendettas. Surprise—the preview only scratched the surface of a complex and challenging motion picture.

It's a simple premise: Two men meet on the freeway—in a car accident. Gavin Banek (Ben Affleck) and Doyle Gipsen (Samuel Jackson) were both on their way to important court cases. The accident leaves them both sorely delayed and desperate. Doyle tries to handle the accident with patience and goodwill, but Gavin ignores the rules and rushes off to court, abandoning Doyle and his wrecked vehicle in the pouring rain. Bad move. The file Gavin needs to win his case accidentally falls into Doyle's hands. And Doyle, whose delay will cost him the hope of familial reconciliation, is now an angry and dangerous man. A game of moral disintegration begins, with both characters forced to learn something from the chaos of their urban combat.

Religious press critics seemed excited by the film's focus on moral issues. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops critic says, "The ending is a tad too sunny to match the preceding events. But after being put through the wringer, the viewer leaves feeling hopeful that doing the ...

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