"Wake me up inside/Call my name and save me from the dark/Bid by blood to run before I come undone/Save me from the nothing I've become"
— from "Bring Me to Life"

Things sometimes have a way of changing quickly. Christian media, radio, and retail went into Gospel Music Week 2003 this past April praising Evanescence as the latest example of a "roaring lamb" in the mainstream music industry. Days later, most of the same people were disappointed with the Arkansas duo due some quotes from them in an Entertainment Weekly interview, causing many to pull their product from store shelves and their hit single "Bring Me to Life" from their radio playlists. Even we at ChristianityToday.com ended up removing our positive review of Evanescence's national debut, Fallen. Our praise of their artistry remains, but not without some reservations.

Evanescence is one of the latest artist signings and success stories on Wind–Up Records, home to the similarly controversial Creed. At the core of the band is multi–instrumentalist/songwriter Ben Moody and lead vocalist Amy Lee. The two met as teens, gradually developing a band and a following in the underground Christian music scene.

More than a few have described Evanescence as P.O.D. and Nine Inch Nails if they were fronted by Sarah McLachlan or Enya. As crazy as that sounds, it's a pretty apt description of the band's unique and effective blend of punchy hard rock, angst–driven electronica, and haunting ethereal pop. Thanks in part to high–profile soundtrack placement in the film Daredevil, "Bring Me to Life" became a smash hit single, propelling Fallen into the top ten of industry album sales.

Then after two months, the bombshell hit. In an April 15, 2003 interview ...

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