"If only I can get thru this/God, God, gotta help me get thru this"
— from "Gotta Get Thru This"

Born in New Zealand and raised in London, 22–year–old Daniel Bedingfield is quickly gaining attention as a production wunderkind. It would be tempting to write him off as the Euro pop equivalent to Justin Timberlake or Aaron Carter, though his sound more resembles pop groups such as Take That and Boyzone. The reality, however, is that he's too talented for such teen pop comparisons.

Bridging together elements of pop, rock, R&&B, and dance, Bedingfield doesn't just write and sing his own material, which is already a step ahead of most teen pop artists. He also records it all in his bedroom with a computer and a microphone, playing most of the instruments himself and tweaking the mix later in a professional recording studio. It sounds terrific (testament to today's technology) and it's earned him deserved comparisons to George Michael, Stevie Wonder, Craig David, and Michael Jackson. Bedingfield even pressed and distributed the original CDs of his song "Gotta Get Thru This," a dance–pop hit in clubs on both sides of the Atlantic.

Turns out that Bedingfield's also an outspoken Christian. Depending which bio you read, his parents are either missionaries or social workers. He openly shares his faith in concerts and in some of his music. For example, "Gotta Get Thru This" is essentially a plea to cope with a first–time crush. Okay, so the only spiritual line in the song (excerpted above) is a bit of a stretch. There are still a handful of sweet, unrequited love songs showing remarkable wholesomeness and maturity concerning romance–including two with references to prayer: "If You're Not the One" ("I ...

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