In Disney's latest animated moo-vie, Home on the Range (directed by Will Finn and John Sanford), we're waitin' 'til the cows come home because the cows are on a mission to save their home … before it goes on the auction block. Range is a cheeky cattle caper—and it's terrific.

The film opens with a shot of Maggie (voiced by Roseanne Barr), a show cow, and wastes no time in justifying part of its PG rating as Maggie comments on her udders: "Yeah, they're real. Quit staring." Ah, a cow after my own heart—outspoken and sarcastic.

We then see the movie's token villain, Alameda Slim (voiced by Randy Quaid), creep onto Maggie's farm one night and steal her owner's herd. Without the farm's cattle, Maggie's owner has no means of paying the land's mortgage, so he sadly takes Maggie to her new home at Pearl's farm, Patch of Heaven. Maggie tries to keep up her fuzzy chin ("A dairy farm? Now we're talking! I hope it's not one of those fat-free places,"), but she really wants to get revenge on Slim.

Things aren't looking much better at Patch of Heaven. Pearl can't make her mortgage payment, either, and the bank wants the farm money in three days or they'll auction off the farm and animals to the highest bidder.

All smiles at Patch of Heaven farm

All smiles at Patch of Heaven farm

Pearl's farm, and Maggie's new home, is filled with a variety of quirky animals. There's a curmudgeon of a billy goat (he doesn't want to share even one of his hundreds of old tin cans with the piglets). There's a naïve chicken who responds to the pending animal auction with, "Who would eat a chicken?" And there are two cows—Mrs. Calloway (Judi Dench), a perfect English lady (she even wears a hat), and Grace (Jennifer Tilly), a new-age environmentalist type ("This is an organic problem and there's a holistic ...

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Home on the Range
Our Rating
3 Stars - Good
Average Rating
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Mpaa Rating
PG (for brief mild rude humor)
Directed By
Will Finn, John Sanford
Run Time
1 hour 16 minutes
Judi Dench, Cuba Gooding Jr., Jennifer Tilly
Theatre Release
April 02, 2004 by Disney
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