"Something needed to be done. I don't agree with the war at all. But [Bush] had to do what he had to do."
John Fisher, an Amish welder in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, on Iraq. The Amish are pacifists.
"It would be problematic in Germany today for a politician to present himself as a devout Christian in the way that President George W. Bush does in America."
Richard Hilmer, director of the German polling group Infratest.
"I have a very expensive pile of ashes in my back garden."
Graham Taylor, who accidentally burned one of two original manuscripts for his bestselling novel Shadowmancer, one of only two originals for the sequel, Wormwood, and the full manuscript of his unpublished Tersias. An earlier version of Tersias is still on his computer, but his handwritten edits were burned.
"Doctors should not be aborting fetuses at a stage at which another doctor—operating under a different set of instructions—could give that same baby a reasonable chance of leading a full and healthy life."
Charlotte Edwardes, undercover reporter for the London Telegraph, who revealed how the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, the U.K.'s largest abortion provider, was circumventing late-term abortion laws in that country by sending women to a Spanish clinic that falsely certifies that every woman who comes to the clinic is in grave danger.

Sources: Associated Press, Reuters, The Telegraph

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Sources: Associated Press, Reuters, The Telegraph, and The Telegraph.

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