from Film Forum, 02/19/04

The romantic comedy called 50 First Dates—starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore—ruled the box office. The movie, about a woman with short-term memory problems and a man who must win her heart over and over again, enjoyed its first week at the box office by grossing $41 million—the second-most-successful February opening for a film ever. (Alas, the record is held by Ridley Scott 2001 film, Hannibal.)

Mainstream critics argued after their dates with Sandler and Barrymore. Roger Ebert (Chicago Sun-Times) says Sandler "reveals the warm side of his personality, and leaves behind the hostility, anger, and gross-out humor." A.O. Scott (New York Times) calls it "a surprisingly graceful and, in the end, impressively daring romantic comedy." But Mark Caro (Chicago Tribune) says, "Sandler's movies always have combined juvenile humor with sentimentality, but the two rarely have seemed so out of synch."

Religious press critics were similarly divided.

Bob Smithouser (Plugged In) calls 50 First Dates "a stale cupcake of tasteless Sandler-movie clichés heavily iced with sweet sentiment. What could've been a funny Valentine upholding noble romanticism and sacrificial love turns out to be a crass, run-of-the-mill comedy aimed at 14-year-old boys fascinated by the noises they can make with their armpits."

Eddie Turner (Movieguide) praises "a wonderfully adept, sensitive performance from Adam Sandler. Audiences expecting just another crude, sophomoric comedy will get something with more substance. This movie's message of transformative love is not unlike that of Punch-drunk Love."

But Turner is displeased with the film's "destructively casual attitudes toward premarital sex and male-female relationships." ...

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PG-13 (for crude sexual humor and drug references)
Directed By
Peter Segal
Run Time
1 hour 39 minutes
Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Rob Schneider
Theatre Release
February 13, 2004 by Columbia Pictures
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