Welcome to our fifth annual list of the Best Christian Albums of the year. Six editors and writers associated with Christian Music Today and Christianity Today International teamed up to nominate close to 50 Christian albums and select the 12 best. Each of our top 12 picks were voted in by at least half the panel for their originality, eclecticism, musical growth, talent, and/or message. Check out the ones that sound like they would appeal to you, and see if you don't agree.

Universal United House of Prayer

Buddy Miller

New West

Alt country/folk is an often under-appreciated genre that typically champions first-rate songwriting and skilled musicianship over commercial viability. And this veteran is an oft overlooked, though widely regarded, guitarist and artist. With the popularity of the genre slowly on the rise, here's hoping Buddy Miller earns more credibility and success with this timely, relevant and deservedly acclaimed effort—his most overtly spiritual CD yet and, in part, a heartfelt response to worldwide strife and the passing of Miller's brother-in-law, with gutsy and vulnerable lyrics that point to God as our one true hope and salvation.
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All Things New

Steven Curtis Chapman


Who says old(er) dogs can't learn new tricks? After 15 years of success, it would be easy for Steven Curtis Chapman to rely solely on what's worked for him before. To some extent he does that here, but how refreshing to also hear him try new things, like adapting his style to contemporaries such as Five for Fighting and Coldplay, and collaborating with musicians outside of the usual Nashville music community. His songwriting is as thoughtful and heartfelt as ever, and he's revitalizing ...

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