"I don't want to know emptiness/Take me down to the water/Wanna be baptized in your love/Far away from the loneliness/Take my heart and wash away the fear/Let me be baptized in your love"
— from "Baptized"

Considering his widespread media coverage and musical success, it's surprising that Lenny Kravitz's prominent declarations of Christian faith go largely unnoticed. Accepting Jesus into his life after a conversation with a friend at the age of 13, Kravitz proudly wears a cross around his neck, along with a Star of David (referring to his father's heritage, as well as his Savior's). A tattoo on his back declares, "My heart belongs to Jesus Christ." His 1993 hit "Are You Gonna Go My Way?" was apparently sung from Christ's perspective, and his 1995 album Circus included songs that would be at home on most modern worship recordings. Check out Spiritual Journeys and The Rock && Roll Rebellion for other examples of Kravitz's Christian beliefs.

Unfortunately, those outspoken beliefs are often blurred by mixed messages. General themes of secularized love are common in Kravitz's songs, sometimes alluding to the sexual. He's also been known to shoot some racy videos over the last decade, and profanity occasionally slips into his songwriting. It's a confusing combination for Christians and non-Christians alike, and Kravitz's new album Baptism is no exception. Ditching much of the funk and R&&B for a more laid-back approach to soulful '70s rock/pop, the music is often subtle, sometimes infectious, and just as often clichéd. After years of grieving over his divorce with actress Lisa Bonet, Kravitz seems to have found new love, as heard in the banally worded "California," "Lady," and the awkwardly titled "Sistamamalover," ...

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