Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen hit the big screen for the second time in New York Minute, directed by Dennie Gordon of What A Girl Wants fame and written by newcomer Emily Fox. While the movie has some funny parts (mainly the comic relief elements featuring Darrell Hammond and Andy Richter), you'll really have to suspend your disbelief to think that any of this movie's twists and fiascos could ever happen—starting with the premise that the girls are wanted by a Chinese family that makes its money in pirated music and movies.

Oh, and, like, the dialogue is, like, totally unbelievable.

Mary-Kate and Ashley apparently love a certain city

Mary-Kate and Ashley apparently love a certain city

Minute begins by shedding some light on the extreme differences between twin sisters Jane (Ashley) and Roxy Ryan (Mary-Kate). Jane is anal: she's attached to her Day Planner and uses several seat covers on the toilet in her own bathroom. Roxy, however, ditches school with hand-made excuse forms, has truant officer Max Lomax (Eugene Levy) on her tail, and dreams of a big break for her band in which she plays drums. But Roxy can't seem to catch a break from Jane, even asking her, "Why do you insist on playing Mom?" in response to Jane's need to hold the family together after their mother's death. Needless to say, the twins don't really get along in this Parent Trap wannabe.

The film's story takes place over the course of one day. After their rocky morning (the norm for this household, we are led to believe), Jane and Roxy head to Manhattan on a commuter train. Jane is scheduled to give a speech at Columbia University for a chance to win a scholarship to Oxford University. Roxy is ditching school to see a Simple Plan video shoot. En route, they're both kicked off the train for lack of tickets, then a Chinese man secretly drops a computer chip into ...

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Directed By
Dennie Gordon
Run Time
1 hour 31 minutes
Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, Eugene Levy
Theatre Release
May 07, 2004
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