Suppose that one day, you woke up to find that the life you knew was only a memory that you could recall, and that everyone else around you remembers things differently. Who's right and who's wrong? Is your mind playing tricks on you, or is there something else at work?

That's the intriguing premise to The Forgotten, a mystery/thriller starring Julianne Moore (Laws of Attraction, The Hours) as Telly Paretta, a Brooklyn mother grieving the loss of her nine-year-old son Sam in an airline mishap last year. Still distraught, she finds herself habitually clinging to items in Sam's dresser drawers. She seems to be making progress by going through therapy with Dr. Munce (Gary Sinise of CSI: NY), easing back into work as a book editor, and re-developing intimacy with her husband Jim (Anthony Edwards from ER).

Julianne Moore plays the role of Telly Paretta

Julianne Moore plays the role of Telly Paretta

But soon we learn that Telly is seemingly experiencing lapses in memory. Wasn't her car parked closer on the street? Wasn't she drinking coffee a minute ago? And didn't that family photo have her son in it? Telly quickly suspects that her husband and therapist are trying to erase Sam from her life to ease her mental anguish, though they claim that Sam never existed. But if that's the case, why do other clues begin to surface that suggest she's not crazy? Like Ash Correll (Dominic West of Mona Lisa Smile), the single father down the street who also lost his daughter on the same plane as Sam. At first, he has no memory of her, but it isn't long before delusions morph into elaborate paranoia.

Much more than that would involve giving away key plot points to the puzzle moviegoers are hoping to unfold. If you've seen the trailer for this film, it does a perfect job of promising intrigue and possibilities. Is all of this in Telly's ...

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The Forgotten
Our Rating
2 Stars - Fair
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Mpaa Rating
PG-13 (for intense thematic material, some violence and brief language)
Directed By
Run Time
1 hour
Christian Slater, Michelle Borth, Anthony Carrigan
Theatre Release
September 22, 2009 by Revolution Studios
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