Christian moviegoers everywhere are waiting for Aslan to appear on the big screen. They don't have long to wait; he's coming to a theater near you on December 9.

Barbara Nicolosi of Act One: Writing for Hollywood, who frequently reviews films on her blog Church of the Masses, saw a somewhat-unfinished cut of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe this week, and posted good news for Narnia fans.

"The movie is lovely," she raves. "The print we saw had some special effects still in stages, but it didn't detract from the stunning vision the movie radiates off the screen. England is musty and dreary. Narnia is a wonderland. The kids are going to love it. They are going to want to walk through that wardrobe with Lucy time after time."

She adds, "But best of all, contrary to Peter Jackson's agenda-aversion manhandling of Tolkien's classic, here, the tone of LW&W is as close to the book as probably could have been achieved. All the lines the Christians are worrying about are in there. All the scenes you want to see are here and lovingly rendered."

But there are still several weeks left before Narnia graces the big screen. If Christian film buffs can't find anything they're interested in for now, perhaps they'll be surprised to learn that a film based on one of Christ's parables is presenting the gospel quite plainly on the big screen this week.

In fact, it's called The Gospel, from director Rob Hardy. It features a rousing soundtrack of gospel music.

Hardy, previously credited as the director of a "sexual thriller" trilogy that "plays like soft-core porn," has much richer material in this PG-rated story about David Taylor (Boris Kodjoe), who turns "prodigal" and becomes a rock star. When his single "Let Me Undress You" makes him famous, ...

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