When I was five months pregnant with my first child, my boss gave me some advice: "See as many movies as you can now because after you have that baby, you'll never get to go."

And, of course, as I have done with most of the unsolicited advice I've received through the years, I ignored it. Even though going to the movies had long been one of my favorite pastimes, I figured, why cram it now when there were cribs to assemble, "heirloom" baby furniture to paint, nurseries to wallpaper, and baby gifts to register for? Besides, isn't that what babysitters and grandparents are for?

Well, four years and two children later, I'd been to exactly four movies in the theater—three of them animated and seen to amuse my son, but primarily to satisfy my craving for dark theaters and movie popcorn. Who knew babysitters were so expensive and that grandparents don't want to hang out at your house all night while you go out for dinner and a movie? Apparently, my boss did.

So imagine my delight when I got wind of a program offered by the Loews theater chain: One morning a week (in most cases, a Tuesday), "Reel Moms" gives parents a chance to see a movie—with their babies. While normally toting a baby into the show gets you as many disgusted eye rolls as bringing a baby on a plane, here I was promised only smiles—because everyone else in the theater is there with her baby too.

I had to check into this.

Why all the questionable choices?

The Reel Moms website noted that doors open early to encourage socializing among the moms, that freebies and prizes were given out, and that nursing was encouraged. All for the price of one matinee movie ticket. Brilliant. Sign me and my baby girl up!

So I clicked on my city, saw several theaters to ...

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