X-Men may be a franchise about the ultimate outsiders, but, for the series' third installment, the biggest outsider of all is new director Brett Ratner. When Bryan Singer—who helmed the first two films—jumped ship to make Superman Returns, Fox inexplicably brought in Ratner as his replacement. Arguably the best running action series around, and its climactic third act is to be masterminded by … a man best known for the Rush Hour movies? Riiiiiight.

Even the most skeptical X-fans must admit, however, that, if nothing else, Ratner sure didn't skimp. His movie has more of just about everything: bigger fight scenes, bigger special effects, higher stakes for our mutant heroes. Heck, it's even got more heroes—joining the team this time around are fan favorites Beast (Kelsey Grammer), Angel (Ben Foster), and even burly bad guy Juggernaut (Vinnie Jones).

That's a lot of new faces to cram into an already crowded franchise, but wait—there's more! There are also major plot developments that fans of the comics will no doubt recognize with glee. Jean (Famke Janssen), for example, turns out to be not quite as dead as the last movie suggested; she returns here in the form of the strange and powerful Phoenix. There's also a controversial new mutant "cure" devised by the government, and, as always, mischief involving Magneto (Ian McKellen) and his band of evil cronies.

But hey, more is better, right? Depends on who you ask.

Russ Breimeier (Christianity Today Movies) has positive things to say about the movie, but criticizes its storytelling, saying it "promises much but falls short in delivery, and that includes its overarching theme. It raises issues without truly taking a stand, ironically." He concludes, however, ...

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