Boog (voiced by Martin Lawrence) is a 900-pound grizzly bear happily living in domesticated comfort with Beth, the loving ranger who rescued him as a cub and made him the star of her park wilderness show. Boog enjoys eight square meals a day (not including snacks), and snuggles down with his teddy Dinkelman each night to watch a little TV and drift off to a soft refrain of "Teddy Bear Picnic."

Elliot (voiced with terrific manic energy by Ashton Kutcher) is a scrawny mule deer who has fallen on hard times. Exiled by his herd for general nerdiness, Elliot comes face to grill with the truck of a ruthless hunter named Shaw (Gary Sinise) and ends up tied to the hood. When Shaw parks the truck in town, Elliot turns out to be less dead than previously thought, and convinces Boog to set him free. Boog's kindness is rewarded with no end of trouble, as the pesky deer turns out to be both an annoyance and a bad influence. Elliot plies Boog with chocolate and convinces him to partake in a night of sugar-induced mayhem at the local convenience store, fueling speculation that the bear can no longer safely live in captivity. A heart-broken Beth is forced to relocate Boog and Elliot deep into the forest, three days before hunting season begins.

Nature does not, of course, come naturally to the garage-raised bear, who discovers he has no survival skills at all. Desperate for friendship, Elliot promises to lead Boog home, concealing the fact he has no idea where they are. The two hapless animals endlessly circle the same patch of forest, encountering a variety of wacky and mostly-hostile animals. Veteran Scottish actor Billy Connolly is the voice of McSquizzy, a critter who resides in a state of chronic rage and leads his squirrel army of ...

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Open Season
Our Rating
2½ Stars - Fair
Average Rating
(1 user ratings)ADD YOURSHelp
Mpaa Rating
PG (for some rude humor, mild action and brief language)
Directed By
Roger Allers, Jill Culton, Anthony Stacchi(co-director)
Run Time
1 hour 26 minutes
Martin Lawrence, Ashton Kutcher, Gary Sinise, Debra Messing
Theatre Release
September 29, 2006 by Sony Pictures Animation
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