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August 2007 2007
Volume 51, Number 8
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Mrs. Graham's Grit
Three cheers for incompatibility.
Students' Choice Too 'Sectarian' for Financial Aid
Court: Students at some religious schools can't get state funds.
Southern Baptists Debate the Role of Their ‘Message’
Southern Baptists debate the role of their Message in hiring, firing.
Akinola defeated, Gospel Rescue Missions executive director appointed, and other news.
Alabama Christian Lobbyists Fight Over Gambling
Christian lobbyists in Alabama fight over track betting.
Quotation Marks
Comments from Ruth Graham, the Muslim Episcopal priest, a Christian teen in Gaza, and others.
Videotaped Attack in India Triggers Protests
Videotaped attack in India triggers protests as Dalit Christians head to Supreme Court.
Go Figure
Americans' opinions on Darfur and evolution, and other recent statistics.
Q&A: Richard Land
The president of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission talks about his new book, The Divided States of America?
News Briefs: August 09, 2007
Vietnam Christians sentenced, TBN acquires theme park, and the CRC votes on women in church office.
The Freemasonry Threat
Faint echoes remind evangelicals of a nearly forgotten foe.
Holsinger and the Gay Shibboleth
Opposition to homosexual behavior may now be a bar to high office.
Editorial: Stats and Gospel Integrity
The numbers we report are a matter of gospel integrity.
Rethinking Paul
'New perspective' scholars argue that we need, well, a new perspective on justification by faith.
Ruth Padilla DeBorst: Power and Poverty in Latin America
Theologian and educator Ruth Padilla DeBorst says true Christian mission addresses issues of power and poverty.
Eat, Drink, and Be Hungry
It's emptiness, not fullness, that Jesus blesses.
The Benevolent Big Box
The Storehouse offers discount prices for rebuilding neighborhoods.
Uncomplicating Lebanon
Journalist Rami Khouri on how the church can foster peace in a troubled region.
Foreign Bible Famine
The world may have moved in next door, but non-English Scriptures remain frustratingly hard to find.
Reflections: Blessed Are the Meek
Quotations to stir heart and mind.
Tennant: What To Do About Nukes
You may not be as powerless as you think.
Christian Attack Dogs
Is this how to bring grace and savor to a crumbling civilization?
Judging America
God really does judge the nations, new book argues.
Short reviews of First Look, Then Start Talking, What Jesus Demands from the World, and If Jesus Were Mayor.
Top 5 Books on Atheism
Review: <i>God's Continent</i> by Philip Jenkins
Not so fast, says Philip Jenkins in God's Continent.
Bruce and the Almighty
Springsteen's religious imagery getting sharper.
Colson: Gorged on Politics
How to really build a 'great society.'