In the 2003 comedy Bruce Almighty, Bruce (Jim Carrey) was a self-centered TV reporter frustrated with God (Morgan Freeman) over perceived mismanagement. God gave Bruce a chance to prove he could do better by temporarily granting him Almighty power; hilarity and some pretty decent theistic theology ensued. That film did not please everyone—it was too spiritual (Christian, really) for some mainstream viewers and too bawdy for some Christian viewers—but it still managed to entertain its way to considerable box office success.

Evan Almighty is Bruce Almighty's sort-of sequel. Director Tom Shadyac and screenplay writer Steve Oedekerk are back, as is Freeman. But Jim Carrey's Bruce is nowhere to be seen. Instead, Evan Baxter (Steve Carell)—Bruce's scene-stealing news anchor rival from the first film—is the focus of God's (and the audience's) attention. When the film opens, Evan has just been elected congressman and is leaving the TV business and Buffalo behind to move his family to a new life in Virginia. He has a great wife, Joan (Gilmore Girls' Lauren Graham), three handsome adolescent boys, a fabulous house (complete with kitchen cabinets harvested from the rainforest) and a Hummer in the driveway. Everything is going splendidly until God shows up and asks Evan to build an ark.

Evan, understandably, is reluctant to appear insane his first week on Capitol Hill, so he resists God's overtures. God, however, is rather persistent. The number 614 (as in Genesis 6:14) shows up everywhere. Pairs of animals begin following Evan to congressional meetings. The Go-4 Wood (pronounced Gopher Wood) Company keeps dropping off lumber at his front door. And despite his freakish attention to personal hygiene, Evan's hair ...

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Evan Almighty
Our Rating
3½ Stars - Good
Average Rating
(18 user ratings)ADD YOURSHelp
Mpaa Rating
PG (for mild rude humor and some peril)
Directed By
Tom Shadyac
Run Time
1 hour 36 minutes
Steve Carell, Morgan Freeman, Lauren Graham
Theatre Release
June 22, 2007 by Universal Studios
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