Moses will part the Red Sea all over again this week when Promenade Pictures releases an all-new computer-animated version of The Ten Commandments to theaters across the country (see the trailer here). And if the film's producers have their way, Moses will be blazing a trail not only for the Israelites, but for twelve movies in their planned Bible Epic Series, all animated films that will be released, on average, at a rate of one per year.

The series has the backing of at least one serious Hollywood veteran. Frank Yablans, the chairman and CEO of Promenade Pictures, was president of Paramount when it produced The Godfather, and after that, he was CEO of MGM/UA. Yablans and Cindy Bond, the president and COO of Promenade, spoke with CT Movies by phone.

Frank, on the Promenade website, you wrote about "the impersonal treatment of the independent producer by the giant, multi-national conglomerate. They produce and distribute whatever they believe can turn a profit without regard to social conscience." Is that what motivated you to get this business up and running?

Frank Yablans: Absolutely. And having met Cindy Bond, who was in the family and faith-based business at that time, I just felt the kindred spirit and the other co-founders with us were all of the same mind and same feelings about what we want to produce. I started out with Disney in this business in 1950s.

What were you doing with Disney?

Yablans: I was in distribution in the Midwest. We had just formed Buena Vista, and we were so true to our calling. Walt was very, very insistent that we never stray outside of the family area that we wanted to satisfy, and consistently it was the best performing films that you could possibly get.

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