The best thing that can be said for The Game Plan is that it shows what a good sport Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is. It has always been a tad difficult to take the former pro wrestler seriously, even when he isn't trying to be all that funny; I can recall how the audience tittered when the ancient warrior he played in The Mummy Returns looked back and scowled after a military defeat. But to his credit, Johnson is well in touch with his humorous side, and so, after playing a minor comic role or two (remember the gay bodyguard who wanted to be a singer in Be Cool?), he has now taken the lead role in an out-and-out comedy—and a children's comedy, at that.

He hasn't stretched his onscreen persona too much, though. In his last film, the real-life drama Gridiron Gang, he played a football coach with a message. This time, he plays a vain, selfish, celebrity football quarterback whose life undergoes some drastic changes when the daughter he never knew he had turns up on his doorstep—and this time, it's the film as a whole that relays the obvious messages.

And yes, those messages are relayed pretty obviously. Joe Kingman, the Elvis-loving quarterback played by Johnson, is a very wealthy, famous and self-centered athlete whose apartment is filled with expensive furniture and giant images of his face; whenever his guests threaten to make a mess, Joe tends to chastise them by saying, "That's a $10,000 bed!" or "That's a $40,000 couch!" We get it, we get it: When we first meet Joe, everything in his life revolves around money and material possessions—but, of course, we suspect he will learn that there is more to life than this.

Joe has a similarly shallow and self-centered attitude toward women—though here the film, ...

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The Game Plan
Our Rating
2 Stars - Fair
Average Rating
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Mpaa Rating
PG (for some mild thematic elements)
Directed By
Andy Fickman
Run Time
1 hour 50 minutes
Dwayne Johnson, Madison Pettis, Kyra Sedgwick, Roselyn Sanchez
Theatre Release
September 28, 2007 by Walt Disney Pictures
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