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Volume 52, Number 6
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Cover Story

How to Pick a President
Why virtue trumps policy.
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Kenneth Copeland's Change of Address
Kenneth Copeland turns to IRS to avoid Senate inquiry into prosperity ministries.
Willow Creek's 'Huge Shift'
Influential megachurch moves away from seeker-sensitive services.
Cornerstone appoints new president, Clyde Cook remembered, ten Booms honored by Israeli Holocaust authority, Sherri Klouda dismissed.
Denise Isom, Ken Behn, and Rodney Hammer resign; Dottie Rambo and Maria Sue Chapman dead.
Chiquita's Corporate-Sponsored Terror?
Wives of slain missionaries sue Chiquita for complicity in the murders.
Scrutinizing Candidates' Spiritual Associations
Candidates are scrutinized ever more closely for their spiritual associations.
Quotation Marks
Speaker Pelosi's Bible, "how it is" with drug dealers, Ted Turner's turn, and other recent remarks.
Church Suing for Reconciliation
Struggling congregation alleges the denomination sold its sanctuary unlawfully.
Go Figure: Gideon Bibles, Charismatic Catholics, Etc.
Recent statistics on 100 years of Gideon Bibles, charismatic Catholics, and other subjects.
Q&A: Richard Mouw on Pope Benedict
Mouw is president of Fuller Theological Seminary and a supporter of Evangelicals and Catholics Together.
News Briefs
Capital punishment returns, Cedarville’s trustees uphold firing, and the House votes for debt forgiveness.
Olympic Outreach
China's restrictions force ministries to retool their efforts.
Editorial: Israel Reconciled to All
Ground-level religious discrimination against Messianic Jews may be changing.
Secular Virgins
Why we refrain even when premarital sex is safe and "natural."
Fleming Rutledge Challenges the Justice Impaired
Our gospel may be small because we fail to believe that God animates many social movements.
Jay Smith, Unapologetic Apologist
Jay Smith confronts Muslim fundamentalists with fundamentalist fervor.
Tim Keller Defends the Faith
The New York pastor explains why he's taking his ministry model on the road.
Complementarian: We're Wrong
Complementarians need to recover a fully biblical view of women — and of handling theological disagreement.
Egalitarian: No, We're Wrong
Egalitarians should rely more on careful exegesis and less on political ideologies.
Reflections: Home
Quotations to stir heart and mind.
Kay Warren: Talk and Walk
Getting our body in sync with our message.
A Distinctively Christian Greeting
How a simple salutation points us toward a new society.
Review: <i>Global South Evangelicalism and Democracy</i>
Global evangelicals don't necessarily vote like American evangelicals.
Short reviews of The Great Awakening, The Return of History and the End of Dreams, and Making the Best of It.
My Top 5 Books on China
Review: <i>I Once Was Lost</i>
I Once Was Lost has wisdom for those trying to reach young skeptics.
Fox TV's Public Confessional
What Fox TV's public confessional reveals.
Review: <i>A Wheel Within A Wheel</i>
Southeast Engine harks back to the prophets.
Colson: Great (Non)debate about Prisons
Why are the candidates ignoring the huge problem under our noses?