"Nowhere in the Bible does it say that somebody retired."

From "Preaching the Minority View," January 14, 1991. In response to the question, "What motivates you to keep going?"

"I care less and less how many people come forward—whether anybody comes forward or not. The important thing is whether I have made clear the Gospel and the cost of following Christ."

From "The Evangelical World Prospect," October 13, 1958

"Everything is nostalgia now."

From "A Greater Vision," October 2006

"Our day at home begins with Bible reading and prayer. I know it is old-fashioned, but so are breathing, eating, and sleeping."

From "My Personal Use of the Bible," November 22, 1968

"You can't help but grow and become more tolerant."

From "Concerns of the Evangelist," April 5, 1985

"Through the years of experience I have learned that it is far better to miss breakfast than to forego a session with His Word. Not that Bible reading is some kind of religious fetish which brings good fortune, but that I myself lack decisiveness and purpose and guidance when I neglect what is more important than my necessary food."

From "My Personal Use of the Bible," November 22, 1968

"I read recently that there are about 100 organizations planning to evangelize the whole world by the year 2000. I wish them the best; but no matter how good a job they do, there will still be more. Every generation needs reevangelizing."

From "Seventy Exceptional Years" November 18, 1988

"Jesus mingled with the world; that's one thing. But we must be separated from the evils of the world. There are things that have become acceptable ...

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