This is the second part of an interview the 1977 editors of Christianity Today conducted with the evangelist. It appeared in the September 23, 1977 issue.

What did you think of Anita Bryant's campaign and how do you feel about the demands being made by homosexuals?

She is a very brave woman. Homosexuality is a sin. That is the teaching of Scripture. I think she was right in emphasizing that God loves the homosexual and we should love the homosexual and present Christ to the homosexual. Some things she and her associates said I would not have said in the same way.

I did not join in the local conflict in Dade County because I have become fearful of getting diverted from my primary role as proclaimer of the Gospel. I'm asked to lead drives against pornography, against liquor, and so on. I have learned to endorse what moral issues Christians ought to stand for. I don't always take a leadership role because my primary job is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and I don't want anything to divert me from that. I was also fearful that her campaign might galvanize and bring out into the open homosexuality throughout the country, so that homosexuals would end up in a stronger position. Whether that is going to materialize I do not know.

What is the spiritual temperature of the human race? Have you noticed any changes over the last year or two?

I think a gigantic battle is going on between the forces of evil and the forces of God all over the world on a scale I have not known in my lifetime. I think there is a wide-open door in many parts of the world indicating a deep spiritual hunger. There is a spiritual vacuum. At the same time, the forces of evil are becoming more vicious, more hostile, more out in the open, as evidenced, for example, ...

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