July (Web-only) 2009

Awkward ApologySubscriber Access Only
Why did a Canadian newspaper have to apologize to its prime minister? What religious group is most likely to say that Hollywood threatens its values? Test your knowledge of this week's news.
Fiji Bans Massive Methodist Hymn-SingSubscriber Access Only
Church leaders say government officials fear singing would lead to political instability.
Faith-based Mutual Insurers Worry about Health Care ReformSubscriber Access Only
Ministries hope the end result doesn’t put them out of business.
Le silence de Lorna (Lorna's Silence)Subscriber Access Only
The Dardennes brothers' latest film is an intensely naturalistic tale of deception and desperation that retains the hallmarks of their celebrated body of work.
Funny PeopleSubscriber Access Only
The king of raunchy comedy makes a movie about comedy—and about death. But it's overly ambitious, and in the end, a bit of a sprawling mess.
We've Won the Lottery—Now What?Subscriber Access Only
The meaning of evangelical scandals—including our own.
Harry Potter: Good or Evil?Subscriber Access Only
Readers react as the debate continues over the merits (or lack thereof) of Harry Potter.
Four Letter WordSubscriber Access Only
Cheaters & ThievesSubscriber Access Only
Following the Outrageous CarpenterSubscriber Access Only
David Wilcox says he's had to learn to break free from his "gated community" and to tag along with Jesus.
More Than a Sexy CauseSubscriber Access Only
Social justice is 'fashionable' these days, but how do we keep it from being just a passing fancy? Donald Miller and others addressed that question in Nashville recently.
An Open Letter to ESPN the MagazineSubscriber Access Only
Regarding your plans to one-up Sports Illustrated with a "no-clothes" issue ...
OrphanSubscriber Access Only
Scary story and questionable filmmaking choices make Orphan extremely hard to watch.
That Keeps the Doctor Away?Subscriber Access Only
What health recommendation did Britain's National Health Service recently make? What songs are two mothers suing about? And other questions from this week's news.
G-ForceSubscriber Access Only
Another Disney family action-comedy with computer-animated animal agents—but G-Force is no Bolt.
The Ugly TruthSubscriber Access Only
A boorish man gives an uptight woman tips on catching a man in this "romantic comedy" that is rather ugly but, despite the title, rings very false.
The Answer ManSubscriber Access Only
The actors do their best with a half-baked script in this comedy about a "spiritual" self-help author who is as clueless as his readers.
The Lab Rat of the 21st CenturySubscriber Access Only
The new executive director at the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity discusses recent bioethical debates.
Same Old PlaceSubscriber Access Only
Stockholm SyndromeSubscriber Access Only
A Happier AudienceSubscriber Access Only
Director Leo McCarey (An Affair to Remember, The Bells of St. Mary's) wanted his viewers to leave the theaters with a smile on their faces.
Green Bible, Horse Bible, What Bible?Subscriber Access Only
Which niche Bible is coming out in September? Why did a bishop receive a 10-day sentence? Test your knowledge of this week's news.
The Hurt LockerSubscriber Access Only
In the best (and most torturously tense) Iraq war movie yet made, we are given front-row seats for all the heroism and hell that is modern warfare.
(500) Days of Summer
Boy loves girl, girl says there is no such thing as love; their relationship unfolds over the course of 500 days in this extraordinarily creative rom-com.
The Great Evangelical AnxietySubscriber Access Only
Why change is not our most important product.
Creating a Tear-Jerker EndingSubscriber Access Only
Donald Miller hints at what to expect from his upcoming book.
The Heresy of 'Individualism'?Subscriber Access Only
The 'individualism' we profess is not only not a heresy—it is at the heart of the gospel.
Glory Revealed IISubscriber Access Only
The Power of IsraelSubscriber Access Only
Spinning off the title of his latest CD, Israel Houghton says that yes, one person can change the world—and he's living proof.
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceSubscriber Access Only
The boy wizard and his friends grow up, experience romance, learn about Voldemort's beginnings, and more. PLUS: Is Harry the Chosen One?
An Open Letter to Brett FavreSubscriber Access Only
There's a season for everything, and for the great QB, now's the time to stay retired.
Honduran HiatusSubscriber Access Only
Political crisis disrupts short-term missions season, prompts introspection by church leaders.
Is Harry the Chosen One?Subscriber Access Only
As Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince opens, we are once again reminded of the characteristics that make him something of a Christ figure.
You're Ejected!Subscriber Access Only
What did a man do to get thrown out of Yankee Stadium? How many Legos does it take to build a 1:37 model of Noah's ark? And other questions from this week's news.
Why You Can't Just 'Love Your Neighbor'Subscriber Access Only
According to Benedict XVI's new encyclical, trying to love people without knowing the truth about them leads to mere sentiment and will do them harm.
Calvin: Man for the MainlineSubscriber Access Only
Reformer's 500th birthday draws out diverse cast of admirers.
I Love You, Beth CooperSubscriber Access Only
Denis Cooverman might love Beth Cooper, but we don't.
The Singing BengalSubscriber Access Only
Ben Utecht, tight end for the NFL's Cincinnati Bengals, scores a touchdown with his music career too.
The July List
CDs on The ListSubscriber Access Only
Short reviews of new albums by Jars of Clay, Phillip LaRue, and Billy Ray Cyrus.
Blood and Desperation
Blood and DesperationSubscriber Access Only
Aaron Strumpel returns human struggle to the Psalms.
From Fireproof to FloridaSubscriber Access Only
Producer of Fireproof and Facing the Giants forms own Christian studio in Orlando, begins shooting his first movie, Letters to God, due in 2010.
Captain Abu RaedSubscriber Access Only
This heartwarming Jordanian fable about a janitor with a dream puts cookie-cutter characters in a boilerplate plot, but still might make you cheer.
Lay Down Your FireworksSubscriber Access Only
On what date was the original Independence Day? How much debt has Oral Roberts University come out of? And other questions from this week's news.
An Open Letter to Donte StallworthSubscriber Access Only
Concerning the overall public indignation about Michael Vick's possible NFL reinstatement.
The Scandal of the Public EvangelicalSubscriber Access Only
What we really have to offer the world.
Ice Age: Dawn of the DinosaursSubscriber Access Only
With more action, a contagious spunk, and a new character who's cooler than a glacier, the third Ice Age movie is a joyful, energetic ride.
Voiceless Women
Voiceless WomenSubscriber Access Only
The Stoning Of Soraya M. exposes a dark side of Islam.
The Rotisserie Chicken GospelSubscriber Access Only
Author Susan Isaacs on comedy, church hopping, and having a 'middle-class white girl's Dark Night of the Soul.'

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Families Keep Going, In Pandemic and Health
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