Style: Captivating acoustic storytelling; compare to Sara Groves, Andrew Peterson and Shawn Colvin

Top tracks: "Ooh, We Need Jesus," "Opening," "The Other Side of the Cloud"

In a nutshell: Recorded on her grandmother's piano in her Nashville apartment, independent singer/songwriter Sara Beth catalogs her experiences of life, love and loss on a new batch of heartache hymns. With the help of Belmont University compadre/producer man Ben Shive (Sara Groves, Andrew Peterson), Tired of Singing Sad Songs eloquently records the young songstress' provocative odyssey from dark night of the soul to days of grace. Vulnerable lyrics, detailed storylines and emotive phrasing, all within a three-minute pop song timeframe, make Sara Beth one of the sweetest uncovered talents in Christian music.

Tired of Singing Sad Songs
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3½ Stars - Good
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Release Date
April 28, 2009
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