Style: Emotive folk-rock; compare to Over the Rhine, Mindy Smith, Sarah McLachlan

Top tracks: "Heaven Came Down," "Oh Lovely One"

You may have never heard of Marie Barnett, but you've probably sung the Vineyard artist's 1995 smash hit "Breathe" many times. After a decade of leading worship alongside husband John, Barnett reveals more of her true niche: earthy folk rock. Her understated, ethereal vocal is right at home with bluegrass-tinged guitar picking and a melancholy violin. It's that voice—out front and under-produced—that lends these songs an unforgettably raw, intimate quality, and highlights scriptural lyrics of adoration. Is another worship tour de force among them? The upbeat "Jesus' Name" is a candidate—but this delicate collection hearkens a front porch more than a stadium.

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Heaven Came Down
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
November 1, 2009
Varietal Records
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