October (Web-only) 2009

Reforming a Girls' Reformatory
A Kansas facility's shuttering reveals the successes and pitfalls of 19th-century moral reform.
In the Loop: Down syndrome abortions on the rise
What the women's blog editors are reading today.
This Is It
Combining elements of a documentary and a concert film, this movie proves that Michael Jackson was more than ready for a spellbinding comeback.
It's a Not-So-Happy But Wonderful Life
God doesn't call us to be happy.
Open Book
Not Too Young
Sound Off
Site Explores Michael Jackson's Faith
Spiritual quotes compiled from various sources. Plus: Inspirational Country Awards winners; spreading a Christian message to Muslims; breast cancer benefit; and more.
Introducing ... Paige Armstrong
Diagnosed with bone cancer at the age of ten, Paige Armstrong, now 19, is ready to rock, with her first record—and an urgent message for teens.
Common Bonds
Catholic musician Matt Maher is bringing his music—and a dream of unity—into the Protestant church.
Nigeria: Christian Movie Capital of the World
Nigeria: Christian Movie Capital of the World
Spirituality fuels Nollywood's booming film industry.
A Pope-Pourri of Movies
The first-ever John Paul II International Film Festival, inviting filmmakers of all stripes, brings a message of "faith through the storm" to Miami.
Are You Happy Now?
How to think about the inverse trend of women's rights and women's happiness.
What Christian Women Want Now
How do we respond to recent reports of women's declining happiness?
Penny Pinching as a Christian Virtue?
The spiritual dimensions of frugal living.
Astro Boy
Nearly 60 years after his debut in Japan, the teen robotic superhero finally gets a big-screen computer-animated feature with predictable but pleasing results.
Hilary Swank is Amelia Earhart in Mira Nair's handsome, though not entirely satisfying, biopic.
The Goal in Mind
Should athletes openly express faith in action, or is it distracting?
Where Someone Loves Us Most of All
Is 'Where the Wild Things Are' too wild for children?
It Is Well
Addicted ... to Facebook
A new study suggests negative consequences from the rising social media use on Christian college campuses.
The Road Acoustic
Happy Day: Live Worship, London
Delirious Officially Bids Farewell
Final round of American shows followed by hits CD. Plus: Knapp plans new album; AMA Inspirational nominations announced; Perry goes unplugged; and more.
Introducing ... Jaymes Reunion
Cameron Jaymes, frontman of Jaymes Reunion, discusses his influences, his band, and their new self-titled album, which released last week.
Communicating 'Essential Things'
Singer/songwriter Carolyn Arends has a gift for telling stories, speaking truth, and engaging minds—including on her new CD, Love Was Here First, out today.
Cancer's Mercies
October is breast cancer awareness month, and I'm so aware I might as well be pink.
How to Find Your Rival Gods
Idolatry is not just a failure to obey God, it is a setting of the whole heart on something besides God.
Trouble with Online Love
Australian police found that two out of three victims of "romance fraud" are women.
New York, I Love You
The follow up to Paris, je t'aime explores the same ideas in a slightly rearranged package and an entirely new town: New York City.
Law Abiding Citizen
This thriller attempts to say something about justice, but it's completely lawless—and shamelessly crass and blatantly stupid.
Where the Wild Things Are
Exquisitely rendered but pervasively dark, Spike Jonze's take on the classic kids' book is a story about childhood that might be too disturbing for children.
'Mazel tov' for Jewish Women
Orthodox Judaism gets in touch with its feminine side.
Sheffield's Biblical Studies Program Survives
Student protests save department founded by F. F. Bruce.
Mixed Reports on Abortion
The media reports on a new abortion study while "The Gray Lady" shows a different side of the debate.
In the Loop: Matters of Life and Death
What the women's blog editors are reading today.
Rescue Mission for GMA
The future of the Gospel Music Association is at stake due to financial hardship, but a benefit concert last night was an effort to save the organization.
Top 10 Posts of the Last 30 Days
What you may have missed on Her.meneutics in September.
Hope Rising
Swine Flu Strikes Littrell
Other Backstreet Boys take preventive measures, but tour still a go. PLUS: U2 preps for Songs of Ascent; Blind Boys duets on tap; Peterson's Christmas tour turns ten; and more.
I Look to You
Whitney Houston's latest album hints at singer's faith journey and gospel ties, especially the title track.
Turning the Gospel Ship Around
Lenny and Daniel Smith founded a new record company with the intent of celebrating creative, intelligent, and meaty worship music.
This Is Your Brain on Evangelicalism
NPR reporter Barbara Bradley Hagerty's Princeton lecture last week revealed a woman highly ambivalent about evangelical spirituality.
Evangelicals Endorse Immigration Reform
The National Association of Evangelicals' board overwhelmingly approved a resolution to seek 'faith and equal treatment' of immigrants.
An Education
A beautifully stylized, superbly acted tale about the choice between book smarts or the school of life.
Couples Retreat
Four married couples seek therapy on a tropical island in a comedy that is neither all that believable or all that funny.
Banned Books and Blasphemy
Being offended by the right things, and letting God handle the rest.
Supreme Court Weighs Fate of Mojave Cross
The court considered whether a transfer of property changes a church-state question.
Leaning Over and Getting Close
The neighbor is closer than we imagine.
Signs of Faith in Sarah Palin's Book?
Palin is writing her book with an evangelical author.
In the Loop: Two Memoirs, One Tweet, and No Votes for Letterman
What the women's blog editors are reading today.
Forget and Not Slow Down
Katinas to Host Samoa Benefit
Samoan band to host concert for earthquake/tsunami relief. Plus: Family Force 5 does Christmas; Groves readies next studio CD; new VeggieTales story and song; and more.
Catching up with ... Relient K
Front man Matt Thiessen chats about the pop/punk veterans' new CD Forget and Not Slow Down.
Reunited and It Appeals So Good
After 15 years of pursuing their own solo careers, siblings BeBe and CeCe Winans are together again with a new album.
Stranded in Manila, A Mother Prays
Germany's Christian Democrats
An administration official discusses evangelicals' political involvement—or lack thereof.
Europe's Past Is Today's Hope
Rome won't cede the continent to secularists without a fight.
Perkins, Dave
Pistol City Holiness
The blues of Dave Perkins is raw, real, and full of hope.
Whip It
In her first role since Juno, Ellen Page shuns the path of beauty pageants and tries out her grrrrrl power in quite a different arena instead: Roller derby.
More Than a Game
An inspirational documentary about LeBron James's high school basketball team teaches good lessons about the importance of relationships.
The Boys Are Back
Clive Owen shines in this rich and realistic look at a single dad's journey through grief.
The Invention of Lying
In a world where nobody has ever lied, a screenwriter discovers the advantages of modifying the truth—and it's not the attack on religion that some have made it out to be.
Capitalism: A Love Story
Michael Moore uses the occasion of our financial crisis to decry capitalism, but his argument is muddled and his alternative nebulous.

Top Story June 19, 2024

‘Rattlesnakes Don’t Commit Suicide’
‘Rattlesnakes Don’t Commit Suicide’
This Juneteenth, the life of unsung civil rights hero Fred Shuttlesworth should be a clarion call to the biblical activism we still need to advance racial justice in America.

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