Style: Culturally savvy rap; compare to John Reuben, TobyMac, Eminem

Top tracks: "End of My Rope," "Swagged Out with Tags Out," "Are You Online?"

In a nutshell: When he's not rehashing attempts at redeeming Eminem or mirroring his mainstream counterparts too closely, KJ-52 is just as sly behind the mic as he is at delivering off the chain hip-hop explosions. His street savvy production permeates most of Five-Two Television, but every so often, he borrows a bit too liberally from current chart toppers like Kanye West or Black Eyed Peas. At least the rapper's more original in the lyrical game, addressing issues like the social networking craze and multi-media blitz, but addressing each scenario through a culturally conscious spiritual lens.

Five-Two Television
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
September 22, 2009
Bec Recordings
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