Style: Groove-based retro pop; compare to Salvador, Israel Houghton

Top tracks: "Never Changing," "Everything," "Forever More"

With years of performing experience overseas, Swiss import Vlada dreams big with his stateside solo debut, corralling a musical A-team of studio greats like Abraham Laboriel and Kirk Whalum to lay down some serious grooves. Appropriately co-produced by Take 6's Mark Kibble, and featuring a sweet guest spot by his legendary acapella outfit. All About You capitalizes on Vlada's 1970s musical rearing to hash out an entertaining amalgamation of jazz, funk, R&B, Latin and even disco tracks. It's musically fun, but the lyrical catechisms are borderline schmaltz. But sap or no sap, the vivacious singer/songwriter is serious about keeping the gospel main stage throughout.

All About You
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
January 26, 2010
Glad Vlad Records
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