Everybody knows someone who considered having an abortion. It may be a friend, cousin, sister, aunt, or your own mother … and you may not even know about it.

Even if you didn't watch the Super Bowl last Sunday, you probably heard about the pro-life ad funded by Focus on the Family that featured Pam Tebow talking about the birth of her son, Florida Gators quarterback Tim. In the weeks leading up to the grame, pro-choice groups such the National Organization for Women protested its airing, calling it divisive and the subject inappropriate for a sports event.

But CBS stuck by its decision, and after the ad aired, many wondered why the ad generated so much controversy. The ad never mentions abortion, and Tebow's choice of life for her son is implicit. The ad offers viewers the chance to hear more of the Tebow story by visiting Focus on the Family's website, and according to the organization, that's exactly what viewers did. A Focus on the Family spokesman told the Catholic News Agency that by Monday, 760,000 had watched the full-length version of the Tebow story at the website.

USA Today reports that the ad achieved its goal by generating "a torrent of new attention" for Focus on the Family, ranking the ad's success on its consumer notice, viewership, and social media impact.

So now pro-life voices are beginning to wonder: Other than creating name recognition for Focus on the Family, what was the point of the ad?

According to Focus on the Family President Jim Daly (speaking before the ad aired), "The Super Bowl ad isn't meant as an aggressive attack on abortion. The message we're trying to go for is, Yes, there is a choice right now … and I think the better choice is life."

Duke University theologian Amy Laura Hall, ...

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