Style: Earthy, alternative folk; compare to Andrew Bird, Neko Case, Denison Witmer

Top tracks: "July Flame," "Wide-eyed, Legless," "Make Something Good"

For seasoned musician Laura Veirs, the perfect ending to a fall tour is a winter release of her ninth album, July Flame. As the title implies, the project Flame explores the transience of life and love. Veirs' evocative voice, accompanied by ethereal piano/string arrangements, provides soil for familiar questions written in imagery. Is the "unslakeable thirst" for lasting love attainable, and as time passes, should one think mostly of past, present, or future? This Solomonic search for wisdom embraces both the beauty and the pain of life, nudging listeners toward an eternity beyond human impermanence.

July Flame
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4 Stars - Excellent
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Release Date
January 1, 2010
Raven Marching Band
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