Style: ambient, post-rock; compare to Jonsi & Alex, Brian Eno

Top tracks: "Breathturn," "The World We Knew As Children," "Tristia"

Marc Byrd (one of the creators of the City on a Hill albums) and Andrew Thompson have deeps roots in Nashville music, but their sonic explorations as Hammock sound like nothing the city is known for. Chasing is the duo's fourth LP, and it moves into full, richly layered atmospherics. These are dreamy soundscapes, sure to slow your breathing and lower your pulse. Some moments feel overly drawn out, but this is music on its own patient timetable. Still, the strongest tracks are those featuring more prominent melody. The wordless collection can fade into an ethereal backdrop, but listeners willing to engage will be set awash in a unique aural sea of hopeful calm and emotive reflection.

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Chasing After Shadows ... Living with the Ghosts
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4 Stars - Excellent
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Release Date
May 1, 2010
Hammock Music
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