Political Advocacy Tracker is a roundup of what Christian activist organizations have been talking about over the last week.

Tuesday's election was one of the largest shifts in congressional history, and conservative political activists were enthusiastic about the results. Not only did Republicans win, but the number of social conservatives increased due to strategic campaigning by pro-family and pro-life activists.

In at least a dozen races, social conservatives targeted moderate Democrats representing right-leaning districts, and the strategy seems to have worked. Races targeted by pro-life organizations and pro-family groups broke for the GOP. Most of these contests involved conservative Republicans against Democrats who voted for the healthcare bill—a vote many of these groups saw as a vote to fund abortions and the most important abortion policy change since Roe v. Wade

Concerned Women for America's Shari Rendall said, "Last night's vote was crystal clear: Americans do not want their money to pay for abortions."

Not all targets, however, voted for the healthcare law. Some were strong social conservatives.

Ike Shelton (D-MO) is a Democrat who votes for pro-family causes more than he votes against them, according to the Family Research Council (FRC) and CitizenLink voting scorecards. His votes against the FRC-CitizenLink positions included voting for hate crimes legislation and for large, omnibus bills that included objectionable policies. As chair of the Armed Services Committee, Skelton opposed repeal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell and he voted against the amendment (and in favor of keeping the ban) when the House considered it. Skelton also had a nearly perfect pro-life voting record according to Americans United for ...

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