Style: Spiritual acoustic folk; compare to James Taylor, Josh Ritter, Andrew Peterson

Top Tracks: "Reverie," "One Way to Find Out," "Stones of Jerusalem"

David Wilcox recorded his 17th album live to capture some of the magical spark that arcs between audience and performer. The satisfying result leaves out applause but captures a warm vulnerability. Reverie is a masterful work of wit and poetry that finds new metaphors for typical Wilcox fare: soul-stirring emotional lifelines, intimate relational sketches, and poignant stories and snapshots. Apparently no one told Wilcox it's impolite to talk about God and politics: He prophetically satirizes Christian pride in "Piece of Me" and "Little Fish" and parodies torture and jingoism in "We Call It Freedom." It's incisive honesty that still maintains Wilcox's sensitivity.

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Release Date
November 1, 2010
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