Style: Acoustic folk/pop; compare to Leigh Nash, Sarah Groves, Julie Miller

Top tracks: "Prodigal," "Cheap Paper Phone," "Grief"

Gileah Taylor, a pastor's kid, grew up listening to Keith Green, but didn't fully give her life to Jesus till having her first child and reading Green's biography, No Compromise. Fitting, then, that this stay-at-home mom's songwriting would, like Green's, meet at the intersection of real life's challenges and the cries of the heart. This double EP's 10 songs range from moody folk to toe-tapping pop. Its poetry is simple but substantial: "Far off I saw my dad / My heavy heart it burned / But he ran and kissed me / Oh love I don't deserve" ("Prodigal"). And this: "There's a river for the road-worn feet / For the blistered hands holding on to grief / Joy will come in the morning" ("Grief").

What Kind of Fool / A Crooked Line
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Release Date
August 24, 2010
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