Political Advocacy Tracker is a roundup of what Christian activist organizations have been talking about the past week.

Groups Emphasize Government Debt, Economy

Most pundits have concluded that this year, the key issue will not be social issues but the economy. This week, family groups appeared to join the conversation.

When CitizenLink's readers receive their October magazine, they will find the focus is not on abortion or gay rights. The topic was the recession, government spending, and the debt.

For the cover story, Citizen's staff wrote, "Much of the grassroots attention has been rightly focused on the dismal economic picture, especially a national debt that has ballooned beyond most people's ability to comprehend it. Increasingly, that debt—and the burden that it places on Americans' children and grandchildren—is being recognized as a family issue."

On its weekly webcast, CitizenLink's Tom Minnery said some conservatives had plans that would reverse the policies of President Obama and the Democrats in Congress, but he was not completely confident that Republicans would do much better.

"The problem is that the Republicans seem to do best in this kind of atmosphere when they're opposing what the Democrats are doing," said Minnery. "When the Republicans are in control, as they [were from] 2000 to 2006, they didn't grab hold of the problems in the country and set us on a new direction. It was only when the Democrats came in and tried this government-centric way of spending and borrowing in order to stimulate the economy—and it hasn't worked—now the Republicans are coming up with stuff. Now it's good, but we've got to do something about this to get on a different track."

Pat Robertson shared a similar concern, ...

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